About Us

Josh Nelson

Creator of FutureQuant and Quantitative Developer at Man Group

Hello, and welcome to FutureQuant! I'd like to introduce myself, share my story of how I got into quantitative finance and explain why I have created this website.

My journey into quantitative finance began in 2021 while I was a few months into a physics PhD programme. I quickly realised that it wasn't for me, and looked around for other opportunities. I had heard from friends that mathematical researchers are highly rewarded in finance, but didn't really know what being a quant meant or what you would need to know to be one. So, I began researching the industry to see how feasible it would be to land an entry-level job.

By the end of the academic year I was convinced that switching from a technical discipline to quantitative finance is possible. I dropped out of my programme to pursue studying quantitative finance full-time, researching the industry further and applying to trader and quant jobs until I succeeded. I got my first job in February 2022 as a quantitative researcher at Flow Traders, a proprietary trading firm based in Amsterdam.

At the time, no platform existed to guide me along the way in my transition from STEM to finance. Nonetheless, deciding to quit physics to enter quantitative finance has been one of the best decisions of my life. While daunting at first, it is an extremely rewarding and intellectually stimulating career. In late 2023, I embarked on a project to create the resource that I wished I had when I was looking for my first job, and the result of this is FutureQuant. The website is designed to provide the comprehensive training necessary to ace the quant and trader interviews, and I will be continually adding material and improving the functionality of the site into the future.

If you're serious about a career in quantitative finance, a premium subscription to FutureQuant is definitely worth your time and money. Best of luck in your career journey!